(What’s So Funny About) Peace Love & Understanding?

Ferguson & McGregor
It’s been an eventful week for the Rangers pair, Barry Ferguson and Allan McGregor. Last weekend, the two players were suspended from the Scottish team after they had been caught trying to summon up a bit of Dutch courage following their defeat by Holland the night before. Rather than taking their punishment like men the feckin’ eejits decided to act like a couple of schoolboys. As the cameras focused on them during Scotland’s subsequent match against Iceland, the two boys decided to give them the two-fingered salute. As a result the Scottish FA banned the boys for life and Rangers FC have fined and suspended them for a few weeks. This website was so shocked that they invented a new spelling for the word punishment.

While it’s obvious that the boys won’t be showing up on Mastermind any time soon, I think that their gestures may have been misinterpreted. Perhaps the lads were trying to put the bunny sign on each other, but they put their hands in the wrong place. Or maybe they were showing their support for their teammates with a V for victory sign. Surely, it’s possible that the fellas are fans of Star Trek or Mork & Mindy and were simply saluting their heroes. My guess is that they were only asking for some peace, love and understanding.

Bunny ears
V is for Victory
Nanoo nanoo
Live long & prosper

(What’s So Funny ’bout) Peace, Love & Understanding? – Brinsley Schwartz

Soul Finger – The Bar-Kays