Summer Dresses & Pink Pyjamas


The particular clothing habits of certain Limerick ladies was a popular topic of conversation this weekend. Last night, I celebrated Munster’s Heineken Cup success with my friend, Micha, and his girlfriend, Stefanie, both visiting from Germany. The combination of Munster’s magnificent win over the Ospreys and the bank holiday meant that the town was packed. This wasn’t a problem for Micha who had studied in Limerick for a year, although this was his first time back in four years. It was great to catch up on old times and to sample a couple of pints with him around the city. It was my first time meeting Stefanie, so she found the whole thing fascinating. Fortunately, she’s got a great sense of humour and a big laugh, and she seemed to enjoy her first visit to the best city in Ireland. Unfortunately, Stefanie doesn’t like walking. So we took her on a tour of the pubs in the city. A walking tour.

As we walked downtown and queued to get into one of the busier drinking establishments, Stefanie couldn’t conceal her amazement at the fashion show that the ladies were putting on for everyone. Even though it had been a warm, sunny day it had gotten cooler and drops of rain were starting to renew acquaintance with the streets of Limerick and with the heads of its citizens. Despite these conditions, a large proportion of the women were wearing summer dresses, short skirts, and little else. I had to explain to Stefanie that this was a common sight at any time of the year and it was the same in every town and city all over Ireland and Britain. I told her that I’ve often witnessed ladies shivering and complaining of the cold as they emerged into the streets during the winter months. At least they never have to worry about cloakroom charges or being unable to find their jackets at the end of the evening

Earlier today, Micha and Stefanie came in and said goodbye to me at work as they embarked upon the final part of their Irish trip. It’s a good thing that Stefanie wasn’t around this evening when two more of Limerick’s finest came into the internet cafe at which I work. This time they weren’t dressed in their summer clothes, but in their night clothes. And not just any old night clothes, but the brightest, pinkest pyjamas you could imagine. If wearing summer clothes in winter has become popular at nighttime, then wearing pyjamas in the daytime is also becoming a common sight in towns across Ireland and England. As the two ladies surfed the web, I decided to make their experience even more enjoyable. I put together a playlist consisting of songs to do with beds, sleepiness, and laziness. Here are a few of the songs I played for these two sleepyheads

Clothes Line Saga (Bob Dylan cover) – Suzy & Maggie Roche

Two Sleepy People (cover) – Devon Sproule & Paul Curreri

The Bed’s Too Big Without You (Police cover) – Sheila Hylton