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  1. NIce Blog Pat! From Limerick, I’m guessing? I just found your posts doing a search of Belfast music, since my daughter and I just visited (Giant’s Causeway and the North Ireland coast was spectacular). Anyway, I really enjoyed your posting of Belfast “Troubles” songs and am planning to play them on the way to work. Should get my Irish up as we Yanks like to say… :)

    • Thank you very much, Paul. Yes, indeed, I’m from Limerick. I’m glad you enjoyed the songs from that Belfast post. The Giants Causeway is an amazing place and Northern Ireland has an interesting history. Naturally it has inspired some wonderful and powerful music. What part of the States are you from?

    • I’m delighted that you liked my post, but that was nothing compared to how happy I was that your friend was able to increase the production & volume of his ejaculation. I find that wearing tight underpants & keeping your testicles warm also helps. Please come again.

  2. Hi Katrin

    Yes, of course I remember Katha. Pass on my best wishes to her and Jörg. I’m actually back in Ireland at the moment and I’m going to the wedding of a good friend of mine this weekend. Then, I’ll be off to France and back to Scotland. The only way I’d say anything to Dylan Moran would be if I knew he was in a really good mood. So, not much chance there.

    Here are a few songs that are, I think, in 3/4 waltz time. Some have been minor indie hits in recent years and others are somewhat older and more well known. A few of them are acoustic and without percussion, so it might be better for the wedding band to learn them. I’ll try to come up with a post featuring these tunes:

    In the Aeroplane Over the Sea – Neutral Milk Hotel
    Such Great Heights – Iron & Wine
    The First Day of My Life – Bright Eyes
    A Sunday Smile – Beirut
    Fade Into You – Mazzy Star
    What the World Needs Now Is Love – Jackie DeShannon
    When I Grow Too Old To Dream – The Nat King Cole Trio
    Time In a Bottle – Jim Croce
    Can’t Help Falling In Love – Elvis Presley
    Annie’s Song – John Denver
    More Than Words – Extreme
    Baby, I Love You – The Ramones (I think this might be a little too fast, but it certainly swings!)
    Where Do You Go To, My Lovely? – Peter Sarstedt (possibly a little too silly)

    Yours in 3/4 time,

  3. Hi Pat,

    do you know that Katha (you know, the one I shared the house with, German, from Augsburg, friends with John the conductor) is going to marry Jörg on Aug 15?
    Anyway, they’re still looking for a waltz that’s slow enough but still nice and not too conventional. Have you got any ideas?
    I see you’re enjoying your trip. Say hello to Dylan Moran, just in case…

  4. Hi Katrin

    Many Happy Returns! A humanistic wedding, eh? Does that mean there’s no religion involved. Let me know how it goes.

    Do I have to tell you that it is cloudy and we’ve had some rain?



  5. Hi Pat,

    happy Easter! We’re going to a humanistic wedding in Bremen… No idea what it’s going to be like, I’ll let you know.

    Do I have to tell you that the sun is shining and we have around 20 degrees?

    Take care

  6. Welcome PiaNO!

    Thank you so much for your suggestion. It’s a good idea. You Germans are so practical.

    I’ll get right on to it. I’ve no idea how to fix it, but I’ll give it a go.

    Any gig news from Germany?


    PS I’m sorry that you had to scroll down the page

  7. Pat,

    I am delighted! A Blog! Brill idea and keep going.
    Just one suggestion:
    Why don´t ya put the newest comments on top and the oldest to bottom? Makes more sense to me…
    Germans… always having complaints.

    Talk 2 ya soon, May is approaching,

  8. I’m afraid I had a busy weekend and it’s not going to calm down for a while. I can’t promise any Cuntry & Western, but maybe some Country Music might turn up

  9. H Pat. Thinga are looking very quite from you side at the moment. How about a link to some good C&W hits.

  10. Pat, I’m sitting in my kitchen with another 7 essays of my lovely pupils to read through and I cannot tell you how glad I am to read your lines of subtle poetry and humour…
    Keep on rockin’

  11. My thanks to the Tuite clan for your comments. I think there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel

  12. Hi Pat. Due to the current economical climate the light is being turned off at the end of the Tunnel.

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