What’s Going On

I used to tutor Film Studies & now I work in an Internet Café/DVD rental store in Limerick, Ireland. I’m more into leisure than work and both of these jobs are quite leisurely. I never took advantage of the Celtic Tiger & I’m not at too much of a disadvantage because the Tiger’s lost its roar. I love music & films and I also like to travel.

In this blog, I’ll be posting about music I like as well as this & that


6 thoughts on “What’s Going On

  1. It was a tough one alright but helped pass the holiday period nicely.
    I’ll send it in tomorrow and let you know how I got on

    thanks again


  2. You’re welcome, Gerry

    Question 16 was one of the first ones I got as he’s appeared in a lot of films I like. It was a tough quiz alright

    You’re right. The prizes of RTE dvds are fair poor. Let me know how you get on if you decide to enter


  3. thanks for that Pat

    had them all apart from that one and it was driving me mad…I doubt if I’ll even send it in as the prizes aren’t up to much to be honest…Gay Byrne, Dustin and Fair city???…

    thanks again


  4. Do you by any chance happen to know who the actor in Q16 of the RTE Guide movies quiz is? ( the man in the photo )
    It’s driving me nuts trying to get his name



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