Get Lucky: The Best Cover Songs of 2013

2013 Best Covers

I’m back! It’s been a busy few months since my last post and I’m sorry it took me so long to return to blogging. I’ve actually spent that time and most of this year going to loads of gigs and listening to tons of music. In fact, I’ve probably listened to more new music than I’ve ever listened to in a calendar year before. It’s been a brilliant twelve months for music and I hope to use the rest of it to tell you about my favourite songs, albums and films of the year. Of course, it could be 2014 by the time I finish doing all that, but today I’ll start off by telling you about my favourite cover versions released in 2013 and later in the week I hope to write about my favourite original tracks

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Wastin’ Time

Yesterday my friend John and I took a day out to see a wonderful Ron Sexsmith gig at The Academy in Dublin. After a nice late breakfast at The Wild Onion in Limerick, we got into John’s car and headed out on the new motorway from Limerick to Dublin. We listened to Ron’s fine new album called Long Player Late Bloomer. I think it’s his best album since the first two he released about fifteen years ago. It’s full of his trademark hooks and melodies as well as witty and poignant lyrics. It also sounds really good and a lot of this is down to its producer, Bob Rock. The appropriately named Rock didn’t just produce the record, however. He also acted like a coach to the Canadian songwriter and urged him to work on his songs and make them even better than they already were. As we listened to the CD, John mentioned that he was actually looking forward to hearing these new songs even more than Ron’s already impressive back catalogue. I had to agree. There’s always new product to be pushed at any gig and usually a selection of tracks from the new release is something the audience politely listens to while waiting for the earlier favourites to make an appearance

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Top of the World

27 of the 32 nations at this year’s World Cup originate in Europe, Africa and the Americas. The remaining five participants are Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and North Korea. They’ve all played on the world stage before, but will be doing well to win a match or even pick up points in South Africa. Japan first qualified for the World Cup finals in 1998 and this is their fourth in a row. Their best performance was as co-hosts in 2002 when they qualified for the knockout stages following victories over Tunisia and Turkey. They’ve only picked up a solitary point in the six games they’ve played outside of Japan. Most likely, they’ll also draw a blank this year as they share a group with Holland, Denmark and Cameroon

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