Life is a Losing Game

Yesterday, Amy Winehouse became the latest member of the so-called “27 Club”, a group of singers and musicians who all died in their 27th year. The announcement of her death was certainly not a surprise and, in fact, was in some ways expected due to the singer’s fondness for drugs and alcohol. In this regard, she had much in common with the other members of the 27 Club, though she was also a talented songwriter and performer. However, she hadn’t released much original material over the last few years and her live performances had become increasingly more shambolic. I first encountered her music in 2004 at a time when I had little time for pop music. Then I came across her single Fuck Me Pumps and I remember being struck by the song’s witty lyrics as well as the brash delivery by its singer. This led me to her debut album Frank and its more consistent follow-up Back to Black. Unfortunately, interest in Winehouse’s private life overshadowed interest in her music and her slim body of work is unlikely to make her as important a member of the 27 Club as the other six that I present below

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