Re-make Re-model

I finally got my hair cut last week after many months of humming and hawing about it. This big leap has also inspired me to give a bit of a makeover to Town Full of Losers. I blog with WordPress and they offer dozens of free themes to suit all sorts of needs. I’ve used three or four in the past and, as it’s been over a year since the last change, I decided to go with a new one today. It’s called Quintus and here’s what the good folks at WordPress have to say about it:

The Quintus theme offers an air of old-style appeal, semi-academic graciousness with elegant typography, while also offering an overall fresh look with room for customization and the latest WordPress features under the hood. It has a balanced mix of serif and sans-serif type. The theme is also flexible and responsive, which means it adapts to smaller screen sizes out of the box

I don’t know about all that, but I picked it because it was the one I liked the most. Let me know below if you have any opinions about it either way. Of course, the theme of change and transformation is a common one in popular song and two of the most famous are David Bowie’s Changes and Sam Cooke’s A Change is Gonna Come. Ch-ch-ch-changes is one of Bowie’s most popular songs and could even be seen as the signature tune of the man known as the Chameleon of Pop. It originally opened his 1971 Hunky Dory album and was released as a single the following year. It’s performed below with a French accent by Los Chicros from Paris. A Change is Gonna Come was written by Sam Cooke in 1963 and was released posthumously the following year. Cooke took inspiration from Dylan’s Blowin’ in the Wind and it remains one of the most beautiful and moving protest songs ever written. The song has been covered many times and the version below is taken from the Stax release Electrified by southern soul singer, Ernie Hines. The third cover is The Postal Service‘s version of a song from The Soft Bulletin by The Flaming Lips

These three covers only show subtle changes from the originals and Sweden’s Sambassadeur also sing about Subtle Changes on their track from 2009’s Migration. Gene Clark was a founding member of The Byrds who also released a number of well-received solo albums. He went through a few musical changes throughout his career, but there was always a whiff of folk and country off his records. That’s certainly the case with his song called Changes, which appeared in 1998 on the posthumous anthology, Flying High. Despite its title, The Lightning Seeds‘ 1995 single is actually concerned with keeping things as they are. It’s a typically catchy tune from Ian Broudie’s men, but the song’s words aren’t enough to sway me. As well as this new look, I’m also hoping to start a couple of new regular features here soon. One of them involves some of the unusual book titles I have in my collection and the other features a few bands and singers that I like even though I shouldn’t. I’m not sure how regular these features will be yet, but hopefully they’ll get me posting more frequently than I have been lately

Changes (David Bowie cover) – Los Chicros

A Change Is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke cover) – Ernie Hines

Suddenly Everything Has Changed (Flaming Lips cover) – The Postal Service

Subtle Changes – Sambassadeur

Changes – Gene Clark

Change – The Lightning Seeds


2 thoughts on “Re-make Re-model

  1. Nice, looks very serious and grown-up.
    How about the new haircut? Any chance of ever seeing a photo?
    Take good care

    • Thanks a million, Katrin!

      My haircut is also serious & grown up ;-) It’s only the second one I’ve had since I saw you last year! I’ll see what I can do about the photo.



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