Cartoon Music For Superheroes

Last week I returned from what has become an annual visit to Germany. Over the next few days, I hope to tell you about the second half of my week spent in Bavaria, but today I’ll write about my first few days spent near the town of Siegen (about 90km east of Cologne). That’s where my friend Micha’s family lives and I was there to help him celebrate his 30th birthday party with his relations and friends. Micha had the rather novel idea of getting all his guests to dress up as either a cartoon or comic book character. Amazingly, the vast majority of them decided to wear a costume, with cowboys and characters from Disney and The Simpsons proving to be popular. Micha’s brother Dennis was particularly impressive with his belt of Duff Beer in his role as Duffman

As you can see from the photo above, I decided to go as the Marvel superhero Captain America. Not everybody at the party was familiar with the good Cap and many were under the misguided impression that he can actually fly. Of course, I deliberately chose a hero who couldn’t fly due to my fear of heights. Well, falling from a height, actually. Fortunately, nobody asked me where my cape was. He also possess a shield, though I didn’t bring one as I doubt if I’d have got it through customs. In any case, my baggage restrictions were maxed out and I would never have been able to fit it in my bag. I was worried that I’d be too warm in my colourful suit, bur thankfully the weather wasn’t too hot and I remained quite comfortable throughout. I also gained a new appreciation for the plight of costumed superheroes as the evening progressed. I had to take the top part off whenever I went to the bathroom and I had to attach my own utility belt as the suit has no pockets

I’d love to show you some other pictures from the party, but I’d prefer not to expose anyone’s secret identity. And, besides, I was too busy chatting and drinking to take photos anyway. Sadly, I don’t remember a lot of the party’s closing moments, either. When I woke up the next morning in my costume I was told that I was the last one to go to bed. Or to be put to bed, I should say. I vaguely recall chatting to the heavy metal fan in the picture below and I had obviously decided to let my hair down at that stage. It was certainly a colourful and fun party and I’d like to thank Micha and his family and friends for making me feel so at home at his place. Here are four comic book-themed songs from Jimmy Buffett, Iron & Wine, Albert Hammond, Jr. and Adam Selzer. Although some Alka Seltzer would have been a lot more appropriate the day after the party

Captain America – Jimmy Buffett

Waitin’ For A Superman (Flaming Lips cover) – Iron & Wine

Cartoon Music for Superheroes – Albert Hammond, Jr

Stop Talking About Comic Books Or I’ll Kill You (Ookla the Mok cover) – Adam Selzer


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  2. It might have been a good thing that they didn’t know who he was and better still that you dressed up before the movie comes out and they discover he’s famous for fighting Germans

    • That’s very true, Mr Sound. Fortunately, I didn’t have to fight any Germans at the party, as there would be only one winner there. I’m thinking of wearing the full regalia when the film opens at the Omniplex. Perhaps they’ll let me in for free

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