Luck of the Irish

It was with some joy that I opened the above text message on my phone yesterday. As you can see, I’ve won the not inconsiderable sum of 300,000 Great British Pounds in a rather wonderful competition called the Ongoing UK COCA-COLA 2011 PROMO. Not bad, eh? It sounds even better when you convert it into other currencies. For example, it’s worth a third of a million euro and nearly half a million dollars. The funny thing is I don’t remember entering the competition and I’ve yet to visit the UK this year. I don’t even drink Coca Cola! I haven’t phoned or emailed them yet in case they tell me that it’s all a mistake. I suppose I should’ve been spending my day wondering how I’d spend this sudden windfall, but instead I put together a playlist. The first three songs are about people dreaming of winning the lottery and wondering how they’d spend the money. It’s holidays and vacations for Harry, a new car for Bruce and a jet plane for Patti. The Format, Ani DiFranco and, in particular, The Walkabouts offer their own interpretations of these songs. The final three tracks deal with luck as Junior Tucker and the Easy Star All-Stars delve into reggae, while Frenchman Noël Akchoté delivers an instrumental version of Kylie’s debut hit. Its title and words should leave nothing else to be said about my apparent good fortune

The Lottery Song (Harry Nilsson cover) – The Format

Used Cars (Bruce Springsteen cover) – Ani DiFranco

Free Money (Patti Smith cover) – The Walkabouts

Some Guys Have All the Luck (The Persuaders cover) – Junior Tucker

Lucky (Radiohead cover) – Easy Star All-Stars

I Should Be So Lucky (Kylie Minogue cover) – Noël Akchoté

4 thoughts on “Luck of the Irish

  1. I love that you included a Patti Smith song, even if it is a cover, it’s still great! I just heard she’s coming out with an 18-track album that includes songs spanning her entire career….August 23rd seems so far away though! I can’t wait!

    • I love the original version of Free Money, Emma, and the album from which it’s taken, Horses, is one of my favourites. The forthcoming collection of Smith’s songs appears to be a slimmed-down and updated version of Land from nearly a decade ago. That was a double album and, I believe, would be a better bet than this new one. Coincidentally, I posted another Patti Smith song in my most recent post, Deutsche Grammaphon. This time she’s singing someone else’s song

  2. Congratulations ;-) You are a rich man now, what will u do with all that money? hugs, manu

    • There is no money, Manu. This is a type of lottery spam where the people who sent the message will try to get money from me. If I replied, I would be told that I’d have to pay a fee to release the cash & this would continue with no prize appearing. Apparently, people get fooled by these.

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