Guitar Jamboree

Ireland has produced one or two great musicians over the years and Rory Gallagher, Gary Moore, The Edge and Jim Corr would surely be some of our most renowned guitarists. Okay, maybe not Jim. Well, you can now add the name of Dave Browne to that list. Yesterday, Dave set a new world record by playing his guitar non-stop for over 114 hours at Dublin’s Temple Bar pub (pictured). He set out at 4.00pm last Sunday with the intention of beating Argentinian Guillermo Terraza’s previous record of 100 hours of continuous play. According to the Guinness World Record rules each song had to be a published work and had to be at least two minutes long. He was allowed to take a 30-second break between each tune as well as a five-minute break every hour or a forty-minute one every eight hours. Dave went for the latter. He was due to break the record on Thursday night before it was discovered that Terraza had actually reached 113 hours on his attempt. So, Dave finished before noon yesterday morning after playing a grand total of 1,372 primarily rock and blues numbers for nearly five days. Well done, Dave, and I hope you enjoy your rest. I don’t know how many of the eight songs below that you played, but it mightn’t be a bad idea to learn a few of them. I’ve got a feeling that you haven’t heard the last of Senor Terraza

Goofy GuitarKenny & the Ho Daddies

Solo Guitar With Tin FoilBrian Eno & David Byrne

Fender StratocasterJonathan Richman

This Guitar Can’t Keep From CryingGeorge Harrison

While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Beatles cover)The Drowners

Guitar Man (Jerry Reed cover)The Jesus & Mary Chain

The Guitar Man (Bread cover)Cake

Guitar Boogie Shuffle (Arthur ‘Guitar Boogie’ Smith cover)Bert Weedon