Anyone Can Play Guitar

I guess my favourite musical instrument is the electric guitar and I’d certainly like to be able play it as well as Hendrix or any other guitarist I admire. Sadly, a combination of laziness and a fear of becoming famous have prevented me from mastering the instrument. The prospect of achieving fame because of musical talent is a theme of Anyone Can Play Guitar by Radiohead. It was the second single from their 1993 debut album Pablo Honey. The songs on the album lack the complexity of the band’s later work and it is not as consistent as their subsequent releases. Along with Creep, however, Anyone Can Play Guitar is one of the album’s standout tracks. Thom Yorke imagines getting to heaven where “anyone can play guitar” and “they won’t be a nothing anymore.” I identified strongly with Yorke at this time but, as the years went by, he and his bandmates got what they wanted without getting to heaven. I don’t even believe in heaven anymore, but perhaps I’ll be reincarnated as a great guitarist in the next life

Anyone Can Play Guitar – Radiohead

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