The Laughing Policeman

If I want a good laugh I’ll read a funny story, watch a comedy or check out the current state of the Irish economy. I wouldn’t necessarily put on a piece of music to get me rolling on the floor, though there are certain songs that make me smile and even a few that have been known to raise a chuckle or two. However, there is one particular song that tickles my funny bone and always manages to put more than a smile on my face. The Laughing Policeman by Charles Penrose was first released in Britain in the 1920s and went on to sell over a million copies. Penrose capitalised on its popularity by recording more songs about jocular characters in such professions as the army, the clergy and the office. Only the policeman with the hearty laugh is know today and even that song was based on George W. Johnson’s The Laughing Song from the start of the twentieth century. Penrose’s version tells the tale of an overweight English bobby who takes great pleasure from life and even his job. The singer’s vocals are delivered with great gusto, but Charlie really lets rip on the chorus with a laugh so boisterous that I find it impossible not to join in anytime I hear it. Mr Penrose stopped laughing on a permanent basis in 1952, but he’ll always have the last laugh thanks to his jolly lawman

The Laughing Policeman – Charles Penrose

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