Will You Love Me Tomorrow?

My selection of tunes in the 30 Day Song Challenge is about to enter its final week. Today’s choice is a completely hypothetical one: a song to be played at my wedding. I’ve managed to get through life so far without getting hitched and I think I’m safe for a few more years. I may settle down one day, but I’m in no rush to give up the single life just yet. Nevertheless, I’d like to put forward my nomination for the song I’d like to be played if that special occasion ever arises. Fittingly, it was written by a songwriting couple who became a married couple by the time the single made it to the top of the US charts in 1961. The marriage of Gerry Goffin and Carole King only lasted for eight years, though the song is still going strong today. Will You Love Me Tomorrow? has been recorded by tons of artists over the years, but I still prefer the original version by The Shirelles. Of course, I’m aware that the future love of my life may decide to choose a different song for the big day and that would be no problem for me. After all, I’d like to stay in her good books until at least the day after the wedding

Will You Love Me Tomorrow? – The Shirelles