Way to Blue

It would surely make more sense to listen to happy music when you’re feeling down, but I find that sunny pop songs actually make me feel worse. Personally, I prefer to wallow in my sadness by listening to the likes of Leonard Cohen, Radiohead and Joy Division. Anything to cheer me up, I suppose. There’s one particular singer-songwriter, however, whose music is perfect for what ails you. Nick Drake was an English singer and musician whose voice and songs reflected the inner turmoil of a man who took his life in 1974 at the age of 26. He released three albums during his lifetime and each one contains a selection of pastoral folk songs with dark undercurrents. Way to Blue is taken from his 1969 debut Five Leaves Left and is one of a number of songs on the album that features Drake’s vocal accompanied by just a string arrangement. Drake followed up his strong first collection with the equally consistent Bryter Layer the next year before releasing his final long player in 1972. He sold few records during his lifetime, though he was adored by fellow musicians as well as by music critics. His work has started to sell in recent years and even appears in the background of TV shows and commercials. This is certainly a strange turn of events for someone whose music evokes such a strong sense of the past. Perhaps Nick Drake just wasn’t made for these times

Way to Blue – Nick Drake

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