The 30 Day Song Challenge keeps on rolling and today it’s the turn of a song I used to love but now hate. I must admit this wasn’t an easy one for me. I don’t hate any songs I used to love. In fact, I’ve remained quite faithful to all of them. I guess it’s possible that there were one or two songs that I liked in the past that I’m now ambivalent towards. After racking my brain I remembered that I’d been quite enamoured by the first ever single from The Cranberries back in 1991. I was working in a record shop at the time and there had been a bit a fuss about the release as they were a local band and big things were expected of them. We didn’t normally carry singles in the shop, but this was actually brought out as an EP. It was issued in two formats and we ordered a few copies of both the CD and the 12″. Apparently, a total of just 5,000 copies of the Uncertain EP were ever produced and it was never re-issued when the band did become successful. I bought a copy on CD and listened to it a lot and really liked its title track. I even liked some of the band’s subsequent releases, though I find it hard to listen to them now. I actually like their sound and think the musicians in the band are quite accomplished. However, I’m not a fan of Dolores O’Riordan’s vocals and lyrics and that’s the main reason why I no longer listen to their music. I don’t even have my copy of the EP anymore. A few years ago, I met a guy from Latvia who was visiting Limerick for a few days. He told me he was a huge fan of the band and the only release he was missing was the Uncertain EP. I told him I had it and that he was welcome to it. He wanted to pay me for it but I was having none of it. It obviously meant a lot to him to have the CD and I was certain it was going to a good home

Uncertain – The Cranberries

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5 thoughts on “Uncertain

  1. I still like that song although I probably haven’t listened to it quite as much as you. I picked it up on vinyl in Germany, was probably shocked to find it over there. I lent it to someone to record onto cassette but they managed to record at the wrong speed without noticing something was amiss. Didn’t sound half bad at 33 1/3 rpm, bet you can’t say that about your average band!

    • Well, I guess it’s a pretty slow song, so it wouldn’t sound too bad speeded up. I can’t imagine it was ever released outside Ireland & the UK. It’s always interesting to find stuff in secondhand stores & wonder how they got there. I once found a JJ72 cd single in a Wyoming shop when the band was hardly known in Ireland. I used to really like the songs on it as well ;-)

  2. early on they were like an irish version of The Sundays. i still stand by “linger” and “dreams”, they are good songs. i think it all went downhill once dolores developed a political conscience (or whatever you want to call it) and started to whoop like a corn crake…

    • I liked them at the beginning as well, Mike, and I think Dreams is a great song. I guess that Dolores got a dose of Bonoitis. And her lyrics got worse & worse

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