The Outdoor Type

Today’s selection in the 30 Day Song Challenge is one that describes me, so I’ve gone for The Outdoor Type by The Lemonheads. The band was formed by Evan Dando in Boston in 1983. By 1990, they had released four unsuccessful albums and Dando left for Australia, where he wrote some songs with a couple of Aussies named Nic Dalton and Tom Morgan. Morgan contributed to the title track of The Lemonheads’ next album, It’s a Shame About Ray (1992). He co-wrote half the songs on the following year’s Come On Feel The Lemonheads and was the sole writer of The Outdoor Type on Car Button Cloth from 1996. It’s a very funny song about a guy who reveals that he’s never slept outdoors, can’t build a fire, is unable to swim and is reluctant to engage in physical combat. In addition, he has never ridden a mountain bike, cannot grow a beard and doesn’t want to take part in a rock climbing weekend in case he’ll miss something on the telly. By the way, he’s also afraid of heights. It seems that he’d been pretending to love the Great Outdoors to (successfully) impress a girl. At the end of each verse he reveals the truth: “I lied about being the outdoor type”. I wouldn’t say this is a song that describes me completely. I do possess a bike and I cycle it outside, though not in the mountains. I have a goatee and I’ve slept outdoors a total of three times in my life. On two of these occasions I slept in a tent and the other time I slept on a wooden board in the beautiful German town of Bamberg. Alas, I cannot swim or light a fire and am not known for using my fists. Similarly, I prefer watching television to any kind of climbing, as I am also afraid of heights. Therefore, I can identify with the protagonist of this song and I reckon that The Outdoor Type describes me as well as any song

The Outdoor Type – The Lemonheads

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