If You Could Read My Mind

It’s approaching the halfway point in this 30 Day Song Challenge thing and today’s choice is supposed to be one that nobody would expect me to love. I had toyed with the idea of walking up to total strangers and asking them to suggest a song they wouldn’t expect me to enjoy. Of course, their reply would have depended on the extent of their musical knowledge and their ability to guess what kind of music I’m into. I could’ve asked my friends, some of whom have a fair idea of my musical tastes. I’m sure they’d have picked some unexpected tunes that I like, but it could’ve taken ages for them to stumble upon one I actually love. However, even this would have been a pointless exercise as today’s task is to find a song that nobody would expect me to love. As neither I nor anyone I know possesses psychic powers, I’ve decided to save myself and others a lot of time and heartbreak by simply choosing a song that some people may be surprised to learn that I actually like very much. In 1970, If You Could Read My Mind by Canadian songwriter Gordon Lightfoot was a big hit in his own country and the one directly south of it. It was taken from his Sit Down Young Stranger album and was written about the collapse of his first marriage. In the song, Lightfoot wishes that his wife could see inside his head and later he tries to imagine her thoughts. He compares the results to scenes from black-and-white movies and cheap paperback novels. The song ends on a pessimistic note that is echoed in the lack of hope in the singer’s voice. I think it’s well-written and is delivered in a simple but effective style. Perhaps there’s at least one person out there who’ll actually be expecting me to love this song, but I don’t know for sure. I’m not a mind reader

If You Could Read My Mind – Gordon Lightfoot

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