Self Control

A song that’s considered a guilty pleasure is one that you like even though it’s by a band or belongs to a musical genre that you consider to be uncool. The majority of guilty pleasures tend to be hit pop songs with catchy melodies and simple lyrics. The most passionate music fans and people with good taste in other matters tend to dislike pop music. They prefer to go for more obscure stuff and like to discover bands before they become established. Even the coolest music fans, however, have guilty pleasures that they don’t always keep to themselves. It has no longer become an embarrassment to admit to liking certain pop songs, even though this admiration is mostly an ironic stance. I must admit to having dozens of guilty pleasures that include Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson, Hall & Oates’ Maneater, Wake Me Up Before You Go Go from Wham!, Billy Paul’s Me & Mrs Jones and Joe le Taxi by Vanessa Paradis. However, the one I’ve chose is Self Control by Laura Branigan, an international hit from 1984. Branigan spent some time as a backing singer for Leonard Cohen before becoming a successful solo artist for Atlantic Records. Self Control begins in a typically 80s fashion with electronic drums, synthesizers and the kind of guitar sound that could only belong to that decade. I really like Branigan’s delivery of the vocals, though, as well as the song’s melody and different hooks. Some pretty naff backing vocals creep in at the chorus, but by then I’ve lost all restraint and have succumbed to the song’s powers of persuasion

Self Control – Laura Branigan

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