Back For Good

There are tons of bands that I count amongst my favourites, loads more that I’m indifferent to and one or two that I quite dislike. I must admit that I’m not a big fan of so-called boy bands. If anyone ever wanted to torture me all they’d have to do is lock me in a room soundtracked by Boyzone or Westlife and I’d be talking in no time. Both of these groups made a career out of churning out anodyne versions of the great and the good. I could never bring myself to listen to another song by either of these acts, so I’ve chosen an original song by one of their rivals that’s actually quite good. I’m certainly no fan of Take That, but I think their 1995 single Back for Good is a fantastic piece of pop music. The song was written and sung by Gary Barlow and proved to be better than anything his fellow band members created. The single was a huge success around the world and the only one by the group to make the US top ten. I always had a grudging admiration for the song, but it was only when I heard The Wedding Present‘s take on it that I finally admitted that it was quality. The band from Leeds stay faithful to the original, though they make the guitars sound heavier as the song progresses. In addition, any sense of optimism in Barlow’s voice has been replaced by ennui and weariness in David Gedge’s vocal. You get the feeling that he knows she ain’t coming back

Back for Good (Take That cover) – The Wedding Present

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  1. Always enjoyed Robbie’s live version with the heavy guitar bits in the middle, he rocks the sh*t out out of it!!!!!

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