My Heart Will Go On

Just as there are thousands of songs that I really like, there are many thousands more that I dislike. Fortunately, I’m rarely in a position to listen to these as I try to avoid listening to these as much as possible. This wasn’t so easy back in 1997 when a song by Céline Dion was a worldwide number one and it was almost impossible not to go anywhere and hear it. One of the reason why it was so bloody popular was that it was part of the soundtrack to that film where the ship hits the iceberg at the end (I won’t mention its name in case you haven’t seen it). It was one of at least three songs from films from the nineties that you just couldn’t get away from that decade. The other two were Everything I Do (I Do It For You) by Bryan Adams and Whitney Houston’s version of I Will Always Love You. Those two were pretty annoying as well, but Dion wins out because her warbling was even more irritating than Adams and Houston put together. I’m going to spare you the displeasure of giving you the original by introducing you to a version of the song that affords it and Miss Dion the full respect it deserves. Eläkeläiset are a Finnish combo who play humppa and jenka music (types of polka music). They mostly sing in their native tongue and have interpreted songs by everyone from Elvis to Nirvana, as well as one hit wonders like The Final Countdown and Kung Fu Fighting. Their take on My Heart Will Go On sounds like it was recorded in a pub and is almost unrecognisable, which is why I kind of like their version. Kippis!

My Heart Will Go On (Celine Dion cover) – Elakelaiset

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