Glock ‘n’ Roll

Former Vesta Varro frontman and songwriter dREA has just put up a wonderful new song on Soundcloud called Through The Wire. The track begins in a low-key fashion with just dREA’s vocals accompanied by an instrument that doesn’t feature too often in rock & roll – the glockenspiel. Then a piano comes in and is followed by some nice guitar fills before the rhythm section appears. The guitars and the song get heavier for the chorus before quietening down again by the midway point. Strings are added to the mix here and it then builds to a climax as the music ties in nicely with the song’s uplifting tune and lyrics. The strings have been arranged by Kenneth Rice, who was a member of Kilkenny’s Engine Alley and is now a classical musician. Ken is just one of a number of talented Irish musicians involved in the recording. Michael Moloney is vocalist for Dublin band Director and he contributes bass and guitar to the track. Fellow guitarist Kieran Calvert has been an integral member of both Woodstar and The Low Network while Karol Drea has been annoying his neighbours but delighting music fans with his drumming for nearly three decades now

Through the Wire was produced by dREA with Joey Kenny, who started out taking care of the sound at festivals like Glastonbury and Oxygen. He now has his own studio and has recorded the likes of Sinead O’Connor, Ronnie Wood and Rodrigo y Gabriela. The track was mixed by Kieran Lynch who runs Smalltone Productions. Kieran has produced, engineered and mixed a wide range of albums including R.E.M.’s Reveal, Elvis Costello’s When I Was Cruel, Hal’s debut and a few albums from an up-and-coming Dublin band named U2. Despite the track’s radio-friendly sound, dREA tells me that Through the Wire will not be given an official release. Instead, he has put the song up as a taster for his debut album, which he’ll be working on this year. You can listen to the track by pressing play on the Soundcloud player below or click on the title of the song above it to take you directly to the track at Soundcloud

Through the Wire – dREA


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