Let’s Go Crazy

The current Irish government packed it in yesterday and the electorate will go to the polls to elect a new one at the end of the month. I returned home from work earlier to find the first of hundreds of pamphlets that’ll be popping through my door over the coming weeks. This one’s from Kieran O’Donnell of Fine Gael, one of five sitting TDs in my constituency of Limerick city. At least one of that number will miss out later this month as the constituency will now return just four representatives. Mr O’Donnell was sorry not to meet me, as you can see from his expression and the message beneath his name. Well, he may be sorry to find me at home should he decide to make a return visit. Apart from his name, the front of the leaflet contains a mere eleven words and a number. Nevertheless, the person responsible for this flyer has managed to make a glaring error by omitting the apostrophe from the first word of the party’s slogan. At least they remembered the one in their candidate’s name. Here’s Frank Sinatra with a song from his 1958 album Come Fly With Me that uses the correct abbreviation of “let us”. It also delivers a sentiment that many young Irish men and women are currently expressing by deserting these shores in their droves

Let’s Get Away From It All – Frank Sinatra


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