Music For Airports

The music video has been in a tailspin for many years, but things are looking up in Limerick at the moment. A duo known as The Rubberbandits are proving quite popular on YouTube with the video for their ode to equine transport, Horse Outside. A horse of a different colour, however, is fellow Limerick native, Keith Forde. Keith used to play guitar for one of my favourite Limerick bands, Vesta Varro, but now he’s flying solo. Last year, Keith came third in the Folk/Singer Songwriter section of an international songwriting competition with Pop Them Pills, his debut single. Well, this year he went one better as he won a competition organised by Hot Press magazine and New York University. He’s in good company as this prize has previously been won by Sinead O’Connor, The Frames and Laura Izibor. The rather impressive award he received was the production of a music video for his winning song, Love at the Airport. Tying in with the song’s theme, the video was shot at the Foynes Flying Boat Museum in Co. Limerick

I met Keith at Baker Place last night where we were both amongst the audience at a wonderful gig by former Vesta Varro frontman, Drea. Well, I’m glad to say that Keith’s feet were firmly on the ground as he filled me in on the video. He told me it was only shot two weeks ago and that it was a lot of fun, even though the weather was freezing on the day. He only found out on the morning of the shoot that he would be playing all the male parts in the video, which makes his acting performance even more amazing. He said he was impressed by director Stephanie Chanel Myers’ concept for the video and how she thought that the lyrics and melody of Keith’s song were a perfect match for her idea. You can see from the finished article that she was right. I love the way the song just takes off, changes direction, gets right back on course, and makes a nice landing at the end. It’s obvious that Stephanie did a great job of editing the shots as the whole thing just flies along. That would suggest to me that they didn’t just wing it on the day, but were working from a carefully constructed script and storyboard. I also loved its homage to silent film and the cinema of Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd. In lesser hands it could have been a disaster, but Stephanie and her team have passed that test with flying colours. The single has been released on SarMar Music and I can safely say that the sky’s the limit for Keith Forde. Of course, I’m not a bit surprised. The kid always lands on his feet