Maybe This Christmas

As promised yesterday, today’s Christmas song is more upbeat than the three I’ve chosen already. It’s the title track of a compilation from 2002 called Maybe This Christmas and was written and sung by the Canadian songwriter Ron Sexsmith. I was a big fan of Sexsmith’s early albums and the melodic folk-pop songs they contained. Maybe This Christmas follows this pattern and is an optimistic little ditty that doesn’t overstay its welcome. It’s possibly a bit too short and sweet for my liking, but I still like the song and Ron’s voice. I also agree with the sentiment expressed in its opening line that “Maybe this Christmas will mean something more”. The last few months have been pretty tough for many people on the isle of Ireland, but I’ve a feeling that this year’s festivities will give us a chance to let our hair down for a while before the hangover strikes in 2011. It looks like we could be in for some nasty haircuts in the New Year

Maybe This Christmas – Ron Sexsmith

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