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Including today and the day itself, there are a dozen days to go to Christmas and I plan to post a seasonal song on each one. Technically, the Twelve Days of Christmas begin on the 25th, but I’ve chosen that as my last one because I’m sure I’ll be sick of hearing festive songs by then. I’m not a terribly big fan of Christmas tunes anyway and most of the ones I’ll be posting could also be played at other times of the year. Some of these songs won’t even be all that well known, though hopefully you’ll enjoy one or two of them. It’s my first Christmas owning an iPod, so I’ll be making an Xmas playlist for the first time. Heck, I’ll even check it twice

So, the first tune I’ve chosen is called iPod Xmas by Hello Saferide from Sweden. The band is fronted by Annika Norlin who has released two albums in English under that name and two in her native tongue as Säkert! She’s got an appealing voice and a good ear for a tune and I quite like the witty lyrics. The song iPod Xmas sounds very Christmassy with its bells and Phil Spectoresque backing vocals and production. Instead of looking forward to the 25th, however, the narrator will be a little lonely this Christmas because her beau has just dumped her. The chorus reveals what she plans to do with his present and includes a nice use of the word “fuck”:

And as for present, you fuck, I had an iPod nano
With your name written on it
It’s gonna fit well into my new life listening
To Gloria Gaynor, singing
“I will survive”

The track was released four years ago on the Razzia Records compilation Oh No! It’s Christmas. Tune in again tomorrow for more Yuletide fare

iPod Xmas – Hello Saferide

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2 thoughts on “iPod Xmas

  1. Well, I hope you’ll find one or two that you’ll be able to use. iPod Xmas is a great track and I think she softens the impact of that word a little bit with her Scandinavian accent. I guess you won’t be able to use Fairytale of New York, either ;-)

  2. I’ve been thinking about doing my own mixtape CD as I have grown weary of the current Christmas fare in our house. While I like this track I’m afraid the use of a certain word in the chorus disqualifies it from that CD. Here’s hoping your upcoming posts prove more helpful ;-)

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