In Between Days

The subjects of my three previous posts had an average age of 78, so I thought it might not be a bad idea to focus on youth today. The four main characters of the British sitcom, The Inbetweeners, would struggle to reach 70 years between them as they are still at secondary school. The series first appeared on E4 in 2008 and three six-part seasons have been screened so far. E4 is Channel 4‘s ‘entertainment’ channel and isn’t one I tune into, so the show completely bypassed me until recently. However, it was recommended to me by a few friends and, having watched the first two series, I must admit that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. The series is set in an English suburb and the most common locations are the local comprehensive school and the homes of the four main protagonists. The main character is Will, who also provides an adept and humorous narration throughout the run of the series. We learn that he is living with his recently-separated mother and that their move to a new area and school may have been necessitated by their sudden drop in income. On Will’s first day at school, we hear his disparaging thoughts about his new environment and colleagues, as well as the other students’ equally derogatory comments about him. It’s obvious that he’s not going to be friends with the popular crowd and seems destined to fall in with the less sociable ones. Instead, he attempts to ingratiate himself with a trio who are neither popular nor nerds, hence the title of the show

Subsequent episodes follow the exploits of Will, Simon, Jay and Neil as well as their interactions with fellow students, teachers and family members. This premise is certainly not new, but The Inbetweeners is full of great dialogue, and constantly comes up with imaginative storylines and genuinely funny situations. I was also impressed by the strong performances of the four main actors and the supporting cast. Unsurprisingly, each episode features snatches from a number of contemporary British songs and even a few from the recent past. One of the tracks that pops up in the second series is In Between Days by The Cure, a favourite of mine and the lead single from their Head on the Door album (1985). It’s unfortunate that the Britpop band Sleeper are not more well-known than they are. Perhaps it’s because they were only active for five years in the mid-90s and were unable to take advantage of the ensuing marketing power of the Internet. Even so, eight of the group’s singles made the UK Top 40 and their three albums all made the Top Ten. Unlike the majority of Britpop bands, Sleeper was led by a female singer and guitarist, Louise Wener, who has become a novelist since leaving music. Inbetweener was their first hit single and it appears on their debut album, Smart (1994). The song hasn’t turned up in the two series I’ve watched so far, but I’m hoping it’ll appear in the third season. If not, it seems there’s a film on the way

In Between Days – The Cure

Inbetweener – Sleeper


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  1. Hi Pat, is there a reason the tracks featured have to be downloaded ie cannot be played in place? Just asking ;-)

    • Gee, I don’t know, Mr Sessions ;-) What browser are you using? I use Firefox & it opens the file in another browser or window & plays it there. You could also try going to The Hype Machine, search for the song title or artist & try playing it there. Let me know how you get on

      • Firefox. Yes does that on mine too ;-) Forget I brought it up! Recently discovered your blog via twitter and your review of The Wedding Present gig. Enjoying the tunes!

      • Cheers! Your username would suggest you’re Irish. I’m young enough to have grown up listening to Fanning’s show throughout the 90s when he introduced me to many bands I came to love. Thanks for tuning in

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