Back to the Drawing Board

Back on September 30th, I expressed my desire to go see the re-release of Back to the Future at my local picture palace. In fact, I was promised two free passes to see the film by its distributor in Ireland, Universal Pictures. I had hoped that the tickets would have arrived in time for the opening weekend’s screening, but I didn’t mind waiting a few days. When the tickets hadn’t arrived after a week I started to get worried and I began to give up all hope when the second week arrived and I was still ticketless. So, imagine my surprise when this letter popped through my letterbox last Friday

As you can see, Universal’s offer of the two free tickets wasn’t completely unconditional as it precluded me from attending a Saturday or Sunday screening. This wasn’t a problem for me, however, as I wouldn’t be able to watch it on those days anyway. As the letter was undated, here is a shot of the envelope showing that the letter was posted from Baile Atha Cliath (aka Dublin) last Thursday

The final image below highlights the dates and times of some of the films on offer this week at my local Omniplex. Back to the Future has been relegated to just a couple of showings after one full week on the listings. Unfortunately, neither of these take place on a weekday

So, to recap. The two complimentary tickets for Back to the Future that Universal Pictures Ireland promised me arrived exactly two weeks after the film opened in Irish cinemas. The tickets were only valid from Monday to Friday, but the film was only being screened on Saturday and Sunday by the time I received the letter. Thanks a million, Universal!

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