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This weekend, I’m being given the rare opportunity to turn back the years at my local cinema. To commemorate the 25th anniversary of its original release, Robert Zemeckis’ Back to the Future is being re-released in cinemas throughout the UK and Ireland and also in selected theatres across the USA. I saw both of the sequels on the big screen, but I missed the first one on its original release. I do have fond memories of watching it on TV a few years later and I’m looking forward to seeing it again this weekend. Many films fail to live up to expectations when you re-visit them, but I’m certain that this one will stand the test of time. The idea of time travel as a plot device wasn’t new in 1985 and it’s certainly not now, but Back to the Future used it in an original and humorous way. The inspired casting of Michael J. Fox as the teenage Marty McFly and Christopher Lloyd as the eccentric scientist Doc Brown helped to create two of the more likeable and memorable characters of that era. The use of the DeLelorean sports car as the time machine was a stroke of genius and further humour was mined from the film’s depiction of the fifties and its commentary on its own decade. The use of music in the film was another highlight, particularly the two Huey Lewis numbers. As I go back in time this weekend, I’ll leave you with their song of the same name and invite you to come back next week to check out my review of the film. Only if you have time, of course

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