Hi-Ho Silver Lining

Just like last time out, half of the acts on this week’s Later with Jools Holland hail from the Big Apple, including two based in Brooklyn who both have two albums to their name. Earlier this year, Yeasayer (pictured, bottom left) released Odd Blood while White Rabbits (top middle) released It’s Frightening a year ago. Alicia Keys (bottom right) grew up in Manhattan and will be singing songs from her fourth record, The Element of Freedom (2009). Macy Gray (top right) shares a similar musical style to Keys and has one album more to her name. Jeff Beck (top left) was already a star before most of tonight’s other guests were even born. He was a contemporary of Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page, but never achieved the same levels of success or public fame as these and other guitar greats. His skills were much more appreciated by his fellow musicians, however, and he has always been in big demand for session and collaborative work over the years. Emotion & Commotion was released last year and includes a mixture of classical works and standards with vocals provided by such singers as Joss Stone and Imelda May. The Creole Choir of Cuba (bottom middle) is composed of descendants of Haitian immigrants to Cuba and they perform music that originated in Haiti that contains elements of other Creole-speaking nations from the Caribbean. And now, some choons

Another Way To Die – Alicia Keys & Jack White

Rudie Fails – White Rabbits

Hi-Ho Silver Lining – Jeff Beck


6 thoughts on “Hi-Ho Silver Lining

  1. It is on a Bond soundtrack. The latest one with Daniel Craig, in fact. It was the title track…so that makes this pretty old.

    • Cheers, Logan. It certainly does sound like it should be on a Bond soundtrack, alright. A Minor of Discord, perhaps?

  2. I think the top middle image is Spoon (not White Rabbits). But thanks so much for the Jack White + Alicia Keys song.. it’s hot2death!

    • You’re very welcome. It’s not a bad ol’ tune. Thanks also for you comment about the photo. I got the image of the White Rabbits at last.fm:


      It is, of course, possible that that is an incorrect image. I’m a big fan of Spoon’s music, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t recognise either them or the White Rabbits if I met them walking down the street. I’d appreciate it f any other fans of either of those bands could clear up the matter

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