Jim From the Twins Wins

Congratulations to Jim Anderson from Minneapolis, Minnesota, who has just won the first ever competition given by Town Full of Losers. Jim used his Scrabble skills to successfully complete the crossword and guess the anagram in the title of the post. His was the first name out of my Cincinnati Reds’ baseball cap and his prize will be winging its way Stateside when the volcano in Iceland calms down. Jim was kind enough to fill me in on the names of a few up-and-coming bands from the Twin Cities. Thanks for the tips, Jim, and I look forward to checking them out. He also reminded me that Prince, The Replacements and Husker Du hail from Minneapolis, and informed me that The Jayhawks also originated there. Here’s a song from each of those four acts, but sung by somebody else. I hope you like ’em, Jim!

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