Nice Work If You Can Get It

The increasingly difficult economic situation in Ireland in recent times has brought with it the threat of industrial action amongst the nation’s dwindling workforce. But spare a thought for the employees at the home of one of Scandinavia’s most famous exports. Carlsberg is the fourth largest brewery group in the world and are based in Denmark’s capital city. 45,000 people around the world work for the company, but some of their Copenhagen employees are none too pleased at the moment. One of the perks of working there is that employees get free water, soft drinks and, most importantly, free beer. Up to recently, drivers and warehouse workers had been allowed to drink up to three beers outside of lunch hours (I presume they could down as many as they wanted during their lunch break). My understanding is that it was only the manual workers who were entitled to these additional cold beverages. After all, they would be more likely to build up a thirst doing their job and would also have greater access to the product than their co-workers in the offices. Well, no more. Management at the company have introduced new rules that prohibit the consumption of alcohol during working hours. These extreme measures came into effect on Wednesday and caused around 800 workers to down their, er, bottles and walk out. By yesterday, one third of those protestors were still revolting. Their actions mean that distribution of beer from Copenhagen and around Denmark will be affected. Free beer is still on the menu at lunchtime, but locks have been placed on Carlsberg trucks in an effort to cut down on drinking and driving, Danish-style. Carlsberg don’t do industrial dispute resolutions but if they did, they’d probably be the best in the world

Drinking On The Job – The Happy Bullets