Scrimpier Cottonwoods (9, 11)


1. “Walking silent through the snow/Drifting softly to your door” (4, 4, 3, 4)
7. “If you still want me, please forgive me/Because the spark is not within me” (5, 2, 4)
8. He once fell to earth (5, 5)
10. “We fool around now and again/We’re looking good, but just as friends” (6)
12. “Went to the fortune teller/To have my fortune read” (7, 6)
15. Bob, Bruce and Randy have all got one of these on their mantlepiece (5)
18. Cale, Cash, Peel and Devane all have this in common (4)
19. Zooey and who’s he? (3)
22. “The book of love is long and boring/And written very long ago” (3, 4, 2, 4)
25. M. Ward’s better half? (3)
26. Keeping up with Mick, Brian and Tom? (5)
27. They had to build a special runway just to get this singer’s plane down (6, 6)
28. Employs a large band (5, 11)
30. Kathleen Brennan is married to this singer and sometime actor (3, 5)


2. “Then Sue came along/Loved me strong/That’s what I thought” (8, 3)
3. “And, Emily, I saw you last night by the river/I dreamed you were skipping little stones across the surface of the water” (5)
4. English folk punk singer (5, 5)
5. Plays Thomond Park, Limerick, this summer (3, 5)
6. “Cried all night ’til there was nothing more/What use am I as a heap on the floor?” (10, 5)
9. Barry’s brother (7, 5)
11. The stage name of Declan McManus (5, 8)
13. “We made a connection/A full-on chemical reaction” (7, 5)
14. A Northern Irish band fond of a few smokes? (3)
16. The stage name of Chan Marshall (3, 5)
17. This solo singer started out playing guitar for Longpigs and Pulp (7, 6)
20. The musical career of this Irish singer has been up and down (4, 8)
21. “I don’t want to be your friend/I just want to be your lover” (5, 2, 5)
23. Later with Jools Holland is shown on this TV station (1, 1, 1)
24. “We know your house so very well/And we will bust down your door if you’re not there” (5, 2, 4)
29. A band often found in dreams (1, 1, 1)

A belated Happy Easter to everyone! I’ve been having a quiet one since Good Friday’s overindulgences in Limerick city. I met up with a few friends in Cloghessy’s Bar to watch the local provincial rugby team take on their Leinster rivals. It was a close and tense encounter and Munster’s eventual loss by a point didn’t seem to dampen the congregation’s spirits too much. The whole town was mobbed and every bar seemed to be busy on this historic day for Limerick and Ireland. I’ve been allowed to drink officially for the past twenty-two Good Fridays, but this was the first time I was able to drink legally in an Irish public house on the Friday before Easter. It was also the first time for everyone else in Ireland and people travelled from near and far to join in the craic. It could have been messy, but the publicans were very organised and the scumbags seemed to stay away. Everybody was in great form and hopefully this precedent will drive another nail into the coffin that is the Catholic Church in Ireland

So, I’ve put together a music crossword in honour of this historic occasion. Of course, you can’t have a quiz without having some prizes. A few months ago, I was tidying up my room when I noticed that I had duplicate copies of a few CD albums and DVDs. You know how it is. You buy stuff and you leave it on a shelf and don’t get around to listening to it or watching it. You forget that you even have it until you start tidying up the place. Anyway, here are the eight prizes on offer in Town Full of Losers’ inaugural competition:


Angela’s Ashes (directed by Alan Parker)
Hana-Bi (directed by Takeshi Kitano)
Extras: The Complete First Series (written by Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchant)


Dance the Devil by The Frames
We Thrive on Big Cities by Director
Stars of CCTV by Hard-Fi
Tom Lehrer in Concert
Symphony No. 2/Beatus Vir composed by Henryk Górecki

You can find the answers to all the clues around the site. Most of them are quite simple, though some of the ones featuring song lyrics may be a bit more tricky. These lyrics are drawn from a song from each of eleven of my favourite albums from the last decade. You can get a better quality printable version of the puzzle here and you can even fill in an interactive version here. If you wish to enter the competition and complete the crossword, you can save the interactive version linked to above and email it to me. You also need to solve the anagram in the title of this post and include that in your subject heading. The closing date for receipt of entries is midnight on April 17, 2010, which also happens to be World Record Store Day. The competition is open to all residents of the planet Earth and each entrant may only enter once. The competition is not open to employees of Town Full of Losers, or to members of their immediate family. The judge’s decision will be final, and no correspondence about this decision will be entered into. After April 18th, the names of the successful entrants will be put into a hat and the winner will be drawn from said piece of headgear. The winner will be informed by email and will receive their prize in a jiffy (bag). Good luck to everyone and I’ll leave you with these words

These Words (Natasha Bedingfield) – The Walls

More Than Words (Hawaiian version) – Aloha Sex Juice

Words (Bee Gees cover) – Shawn Colvin


2 thoughts on “Scrimpier Cottonwoods (9, 11)

  1. Hey, that’s good going there, Jimbo! The numbers in parentheses refer to the number of letters in the answer to each clue. The reason that some clues have multiple numbers means that there’s more than one word in the answer. This is a convention of crossword puzzles over here and I believe it’s not so common in the US.

    The answer to 27 Across is the name of a singer songwriter from your country. The clue refers to the lyric of a song written by the answer to 9 Down.

    Thanks a million for finding the typo in Mr Saadiq’s first name. I must have got him confused with his sister ;-)

  2. Well, thanks for helping me waste the afternoon online. I’ve gotten all but one – 27 Across – but I haven’t yet given up. Not bad for a guy from the states who should be working on other things…One question – what do the numbers in the parentheses mean?

    Since I’ve been scouring your postings trying to figure out which singer’s plane needed a special runway, I did find a typo in the 28 April 2009 posting where Raphael Saadiq is also spelled as “Rachael” Saadiq, just in case you were obsessive about grammar and such (see your 12 February 2010 entry)

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