Welcome Here Kind Stranger

I think that the whole experience of Irish music and the falling in love with songs made me want to become a songwriter, and when I saw people in America, like Bob Dylan, were also coming out of that tradition … that made me feel that I could start to do that, too (Paul Brady quoted in Bringing It All Back Home by Nuala O’Connor)

One of Ireland’s most prolific singer-songwriters has just released his first new album in five years. Hooba Dooba is the unusual title that Paul Brady has given to his tenth solo album. On his nifty new website, he reveals its origins:

It’s a phrase i’ve used for years to celebrate life. When something difficult works out in the end, when a gig is reaching its climax and you’re in full flight….hey! what else can you shout but …Hooba Dooba!

The album contains a dozen songs including four that he’s co-written and a cover of You Won’t See Me by The Beatles. It also includes Paul’s version of a song that he wrote for Bonnie Raitt that she used as the title track of her 1991 album Luck of the Draw. You can listen to songs from the new album by navigating through the Media & Shop tab situated on the right-hand side of the main page. You can also listen to and purchase any of Paul’s previous albums there as well

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