100 Not Out


I began this blog seven months ago and I must admit that I had no idea back then what shape it would take. I’m quite surprised that I’ve reached my hundredth post so soon. This means that I’ve posted an average of three times per week, even though I have sometime gone weeks where I haven’t posted at all. Most of my posts have been about music or gigs that I’ve attended or musicians I like. I’ve also posted a few times about current affairs, my travels, football and film. My two most popular posts have been Happy Birthday, Bruce! and It’s a Long Way to Tipperary. The reason for their popularity was that Expecting Rain (a Bob Dylan site) linked to these posts and brought in hundreds of extra visitors. Elbo.ws, the music blog aggregator, also brings in a few hundred hits every week. And I’m aware that I have a number of regular readers as well, so thank you all for your comments and for popping over here every week. Here are a few tunes to celebrate this century of posts

100 Not Out

A Century of Fakers – Belle & Sebastian

100% (Sonic Youth cover) – The Raveonettes

One Hundred Years From Now – The Byrds

One In a Hundred – Gene Clark

One Hundred Days – Mark Lanegan Band

$100 Groom – Paul Westerberg

100 Seconds – Power of Dreams

100 Boys – The Golden Horde

Fantastic Day – Haircut 100

100 Weight Of Collie Weed – Carlton Livingston

One Hundred Miles – Ted Hawkins

New Century Hornpipe – Norman Blake

The Song of a Hundred Toads – The Handsome Family

I Prefer The Twentieth Century – The Lucksmiths

Century After Century – Idlewild

Century Eyes – Shearwater

100 Yard Dash – Raphael Saaqid

Song Of The Century – Green Day

I Got You (At the End of the Century) – Wilco

End of a Century (Blur cover) – Squeeze

A Century Ends – David Gray


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