Hey! Teachers! Leave Them Kids Alone

My nephew's matching schoolbag and lunchbox

My nephew's matching lunchbox and schoolbag

Today is the first day of September which means, I guess, the end of summer and the start of the school year for many kids and a few teachers. It’s also the very first day of school for many little boys and girls around the world who’ll be embarking on a wonderful adventure as they start to learn about the alphabet, numbers, painting and how to send text messages on their brand new mobile phones. They’ll also get to meet new friends and spend a few hours a day away from the comforts of home. This can be a traumatic time for kids and parents (and a few teachers) and I’m sure that tears will be shed in homes and classrooms everywhere. Yesterday, my nephew, Seán, put down his first day at school and, by all accounts, it passed without any trouble. In fact, my sister tells me that he’s been looking forward to starting school for a while; he can’t wait to learn how to read so that he can figure out The Beano for himself. I’d like to wish Seán the best of luck at his new school. I hope that he makes many friends and that he’ll have loads of fun along the way. Here are a few songs for first timers like Seán and also for the many schoolteachers who are returning after their summer holidays

01 First Timer – Elliott Smith

02 First Day of My Life (Bright Eyes cover) – Sarcastic Dharma Society

03 All I Remember (Mick Hanley cover) – Christy Moore

04 Oxford Comma (Vampire Weekend cover) – DublinStu

05 Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometimes (The Korgis cover) – Beck & Jon Brion

06 Learning the Game – Buddy Holly

07 Learning The Language – Willy Porter

08 Self-Taught Learner – Lissy Trullie

09 Big Schools – Baby Teeth

10 Me & Julio Down By The Schoolyard – Paul Simon

11 We’re Going to Be Friends – The White Stripes

12 You Can’t Judge a Book By the Cover – Spanky Wilson

13 Unpack Your Adjectives – Blossom Dearie

14 Pen To The Paper – Parlovr

15 My Pencil Won’t Write No More – Bo Carter

16 Counting To Sleep – Wallis Bird

17 Another Brick In The Wall – Part 2 (Pink Floyd cover) – Luther Wright & the Wrongs