Sur la plage

On the beach

On the beach

Agathe (centre) showing Salomé (left) and Chloé how to fly a kite

Agathe (centre) showing Salomé (left) and Chloé how to fly a kite

The beach at night

The beach at night

A couple of weeks ago, I spent a rather pleasant time on the French coast. I was staying with my friend, Agathe, and her mother, Gisèle, at their holiday home south of Nantes. For the best part of a week, the two ladies took great care of me. Everyday, I had a wonderful breakfast, lunch and dinner (or petit déjuner, dejuner and dîner, as they’re known in France). I got to sample lots of lovely fruits, vegetables, meat and bread. Even better, I got to eat a load of fish and seafood. Some of the seafood took a bit of an effort on my part, as I had to break open the shell surrounding it. However, it was worth it as it all tasted quite delicious. Each day, we went down to the beach for a stroll and a lie-down on the sand. And, one night, we accompanied two young friends of Agathe, Chloé and Salomé, as we took turns flying a kite in the breeze. Here’s a little limerick from Limerick for Chloé and Salomé:

There was a young girl called Chloé
Whose sister was named Salomé
At the beach one night
They both flew a kite
And they also got to know me

As if all that wasn’t enough, the weather was warm and sunny and there wasn’t a cloud in sight. In fact, it didn’t even rain once while I was there. So, thanks again to Agathe and Gisèle for a wonderful time, for feeding me so well, and for the brilliant weather. Here’s a bunch of beach-related songs

The Beach Song – Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

I Want To Go To The Beach – Iggy Pop

Echo Beach (Martha & The Muffins cover) – Robert Forster

On the Beach (Neil Young Cover) – Radiohead

Ease Your Feet In The Sea – Belle & Sebastian

The Sea and the Sand – Lloyd Cole

The Warmth Of The Sun – The Beach Boys

Down the Beach – John Phillips

The Moon Shifts The Sea The Sea Shapes The Shore The Shore Shakes The Sand The Sand Sinks The Ship – A.Armada