Feeling Fortified

Life's a Beach

The last few months have been quite busy for me and the whole of August was a hectic one indeed. Since my last post, I’ve been to a music festival, a wedding, the French coast and the Edinburgh festival. Over the next while I hope to blog about my splendid time in France and about some of the many wonderful shows that I attended in the Scottish capital. As if all that wasn’t enough, I also reached a significant milestone in terms of years on the planet during the middle of August. See if you can guess what it was from the songs below

Star 69 – REM

1969 – The Stooges

Summer of ’69 – Pelle Carlberg

1969 – Montt Mardie

69 Faces of Love – King Khan & the Shrines

69 Année Érotique – Serge Gainsbourg

Summer Of 69 (Bryan Adams Cover) – PYT

Sixty-Nine – Brooklyn Express

Friday Night, August 14th – Funkadelic

Time Enough for Rocking When We’re Old – Magnetic Fields

Don’t Be Ashamed Of Your Age – John Prine & Mac Wiseman

Forever Young (Bob Dylan cover) – Johnny Cash

Young At Heart (Frank Sinatra cover) – Tom Waits

Running On Empty – Jackson Browne

Reminisce (Part Two) – Dexys Midnight Runners

Who Knows Where the Time Goes – Fairport Convention

A Pirate Looks at Forty (Jimmy Buffet cover) – Jack Johnson

40 (U2 cover) – The Frames


5 thoughts on “Feeling Fortified

  1. They chose a German title, a very slow song “Für mich soll’s rote Rosen regenen” by Hildegard Kneef. Every time something didn’t quite go the way they had planned they simply stopped and kissed…

  2. Thank you, Katrin. My back’s fine even after dragging a backpack of cds and dvds around Edinburgh. So, what song did Katha go for in the end?

  3. No way, I forgot it – again! Well, all the best! How’s your back? By the way, the wedding was gorgeous! Katha, Jörg, Kamila and Justyna say hello.

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