Letter From Scotland

Watching The Last Waltz with Dane & Luis from Bella Clava

Watching The Last Waltz with Dane & Luis from Bella Clava

I’m afraid that I’ve been a bit busy since my last entry and I haven’t had a chance to post since. A few days after my interview with Caitlin from Bella Clava, I had the opportunity to meet them earlier than I had expected. Following a phone call from a friend, I was asked to put up a couple of the band at my place. Two turned into four and there I was, at six in the morning, with a four-piece Canadian band in my living room. We didn’t get much of a chance to chat then, but the next day we got to know each other over tea and apple cider. We watched a video of The Last Waltz and I played them a few 7 inches on my record player, including a scratchy copy of Dana’s All Kinds of Everything that I had picked up recently in a charity shop. It was their first time hearing this Irish classic and I think that they were quite intrigued by the song

Last Saturday, I saw Bella Clava perform at Dolan’s as part of Indie Week Ireland 2009. I was very impressed by their sound and their songs. They were quite loud and, in rock & roll parlance, they definitely kicked some ass. They were followed by Limerick’s very own Vesta Varro. I hadn’t seen the boys play for a while and I wasn’t even sure if they could still kick ass. Boy, was I wrong. They pulled out all the stops and played one of the best gigs I’ve seem them perform. I had started out watching them at the back of the Warehouse, but each song drew me further and further towards the stage. The band were all on form, but lead singer Damien’s performance was quite mesmerising and hypnotic. It brought back some memories. The partying went on until the early hours of the next morning which meant that Sunday was a washout. I was still recovering on the Monday and then I went to work for three days. I messed up my laptop in the middle of all this, but I got it going again. Now, I’m in Glasgow, where I’ve been for a few days, and I’m about to embark on a trip around the hills and isles of this Celtic countryside. Here’s a few tunes ’til the next time

Over the Hill – John Martyn

Nothing Ever Happens – Del Amitri

Throw the ‘R’ Away – The Proclaimers

Poupee De Cire, Poupee De Son (France Gall cover) – Belle & Sebastian

Ain`t That Enough – Teenage Fanclub

Sometimes Always – Jesus & Mary Chain (w/Hope Sandoval)

Raintown – Deacon Blue

Let’s Get Out Of This Country – Camera Obscura


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