A Cut Above The Rest

Barber Shop

After weeks of contemplation, I got my hair cut yesterday. I try to get it cut every three months or so, whether I need to or not. I didn’t get too much cut off as I don’t like to have it too short and I prefer to show off my curls. The barber told me that he was not as busy as he used to be as people were not getting their hair cut as often. However, I might have to go back sooner that I would like as he didn’t take that much off. Here are some tunes for all the barbers and hairdressers who’ve had the pleasure of cutting my hair over the years!

01 Cut Your Hair – Pavement

02 Devil’s Haircut – Beck

03 Greetings to the New Brunette – Billy Bragg

04 Hairdresser on Fire – Morrissey

05 Bernice Bobs Her Hair – Divine Comedy

06 Bangs – They Might Be Giants

07 Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down – Bill Carlisle

08 Dreadlock Holiday – 10CC

09 Curly Locks – Lee “Scratch” Perry

10 Crazy Baldheads – Bob Marley

11 Bald Head – Professor Longhair

12 Hairless Youth of Bosnia – Strip Squad

13 Derrière ses cheveux longs – La Rue Ketanou

14 Der Afro Von Paul Breitner – Die Artze

15 Black Is The Colour of My True Love’s Hair – Christy Moore

16 That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine – Everly Bros

17 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes – Eddie Noack

18 Strawberry Blonde – Ron Sexsmith

19 Dumb Blonde – Dolly Parton

20 Lemon Haired Ladies – Dory Previn

21 The Haircut – The Waifs

22 Almost Cut My Hair – CSNY

23 She Cuts Hair – Darren Hanlon


3 thoughts on “A Cut Above The Rest

  1. I went to the barber shop across from the railway station. It cost me €14, which isn’t too bad for Limerick, I guess. That thirty euro would appear to be a sound investment. And you must really trust your wife as well!

  2. How much did they charge btw? they got very expensive over the last few years. I get my missus to cut my hair now, invested 30euro in a clipper set. can result in a dodgy barnet from time to time…

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