Letting Off Steam While Getting Steamed


A bar in Spain has come up with an unusual marketing plan for these recessionary times. Customers at the Casa Pocho bar in Cullera, southern Spain, are encouraged to come in for a drink and to insult the staff while they’re at it. Free drinks will be given to patrons who can come up with novel or humorous ways of verbally abusing the bar staff. To be frank, I experience this every time I go to The Abbey Bar in Galbally, Co Limerick. The customers are often quite explicit and forthright in their criticisms and demands of the bar staff who, to be fair, are well able to give it back. I also experience it every time I go to The Wild Onion in Limerick, and they don’t even serve alcohol there. I’d be quite willing to return the abuse, but I’d really miss the omelettes if I got barred. Here’s a mix of abusive tunes to get you in the mood should you decide to visit the Casa Pocho. Some of the songs are harmless, others are witty or funny, while a number of them are downright offensive and contain language that some people might find offensive. Happy listening, you miscreants!

01 Waitress In The Sky – The Replacements

02 You Talk Too Much – Sultans of Ping F.C.

03 Piss On You – The Wannadies

04 Tell That Girl to Shut Up – Holly & the Italians

05 Hey (Shut The Fuck Up Boy) – Peter, Bjorn & John

06 Guess Who Batman (Fuck You Very Much) – Lily Allen

07 Fuck Me Pumps – Amy Winehouse

08 Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole – Martha Wainwright

09 Rufus Is A Tit Man (live) – Loudon Wainwright III

10 Your Feet’s Too Big – Fats Waller

11 Hound Dog – Big Mama Thornton

12 Road Rage – Catatonia

13 Why D’Ya Do It? – Marianne Faithfull

14 How Do You Sleep? – John Lennon

15 Short People – Randy Newman

16 Brilliant Mistake – Elvis Costello

17 Positively 4th Street – Bob Dylan

18 Under My Thumb – The Rolling Stones

19 Fortunate Son – CCR

20 Common People – Pulp

21 You’re So Vain (Carly Simon cover) – The Feeling

22 Fucker – Eels

23 Fuck You, It’s Over – Glasvegas


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