Hip To Be Square

Shannon Boatclub

Shannon Boatclub

Last Thursday’s Speakeasy Jazz night at the Shannon Boatclub proved to be an excellent evening of music and craic. The five members of the David Irwin Ensemble played an excellent set that included a few jazz standards as well as jazz covers of songs by contemporary bands like The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Radiohead. The venue is an excellent location for this type of music. The main room is large with a high ceiling and a lovely view of the Shannon outside. The acoustics were amazing and the music wasn’t too loud, either. Which was nice. We got in just in time to get a seat near the bar. If you want to get a flavour of the evening head on over to Bock the Robber, where Bock has kindly posted a couple of videos of the band’s performance. And here’s a few jazzy covers (with a hint of classical and ska music) for your delectation. Groovy

Hip to Be Square – Tropical Jazz Big Band X1

Sesame Street – Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

Wonderwall – Brad Mehldau Trio

Karma Police – Christopher O’Riley

Paranoid Android – UMass Minuteman Band


4 thoughts on “Hip To Be Square

  1. Hey Pat.. this is an incredible image! We’re doing a collaboration with the architects in UL for the next three weeks and we’re working on the rowing club. It’s an amazing project

    • Cheers, Carla! I have a similar image of the Shannon Rowing Club in a book called Limerick in Old Photographs by Seán Spellissy (Gill & Macmillan 2003). His book collects over 200 black & white photos from the 1890s with an emphasis on ones from 1940-80. A landscape postcard of the Rowing Club appears at the bottom of page 30 and dates from 1930. You’re quite welcome to borrow the book if you wish

  2. Yes, Ronan, O’Riley’s interpretations of Radiohead’s music are very good. I’ll check out the Section Strings Quartet

  3. Christopher O Rileys True Love Waits album is a stunning collection of music

    You should take a listen to the section strings quartets tribute to ok computer aswell – brilliant!

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