Strange Weather

Eating a banana on the Aran Islands

Eating a banana on the Aran Islands

We’ve been having some strange weather here in Ireland this past week. A country that is more used to grey skies and lots of rain has been experiencing bright blue skies, sunshine and warm weather for the past nine days. The beaches have been filled with eager sunbathers and many people are taking early holidays. Sales of cider, ice cream and sun tan lotion have gone through the roof and everyone is happy. Well, everyone except secondary school students who’ve just started their exams. And even they were given a day off today as someone gave out the wrong paper yesterday. This week of glorious weather was preceded by a wonderful trip by me to Germany and since I’ve returned I’ve been quite busy. I’ll try to post about what’s been going on soon, but first here’s some summer songs for you to take the weather with you. It looks like a change is going to come

01 In The Hot Hot Rays – Fleet Foxes

02 Sundress – Ben Kweller

03 Kokomo (Beach Boys cover) – Adam Green (w Ben Kweller)

04 Here Comes the Sun (Beatles cover) – Richie Havens

05 Higher Than the Sun (Primal Scream)- Bat for Lashes

06 Don’t Look Back Into The Sun (Libertines cover) – The View

07 Don’t Dream it’s Over (Crowded House cover) – Sunshiners

08 Weather With You (Crowded House cover) – Aswad

09 Seasons In The Sun – Terry Jacks

10 Sunshine Superman – Donovan

11 Sunny Girlfriend – The Monkees

12 That Summer Feeling – Jonathan Richman

13 Sitting In The Midday Sun – Ana Egge

14 Sunshine on Leith – The Proclaimers

15 The Lazy Sunbathers – Morrissey

16 A Little Sweet Sunshine – Bert Jansch

17 Saturday Sun – Nick Drake

18 Bless the Weather – John Martyn

19 Evening Sun – Gemma Hayes

20 Hebridean Sun- Vashti Bunyan

21 Sun It Rises – Fleet Foxes


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  1. I remember reading J.M. Synge’s book on the Aran islands years ago and him writing how they didn’t bother to teach the men to swim as it would only make the drowning more miserable when their fishing boats capsized! W.

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