No One Can Hold a Candle to You

Lisa Hannigan

Every week I try to post about Later…With Jools Holland, but I missed the last episode as life has been a bit hectic for me lately. I got to see the shows and I quite liked the new stuff from The Manic Street Preachers and Grizzly Bear. Most likely I’ll miss a few more episodes before it finishes up due to holidays and work and life. So, I’ll probably do a post at the end featuring the best of what I’ve missed out on. This week’s show looks quite good and here’s what’s coming up

Fresh from his tour of Ireland and the subject of a symposium at the University of Limerick, Morrissey will be the big draw on this week’s episode. He’s always worth watching and his new album’s got enough good songs for him to draw upon. However, it’s unlikely that he’ll need as many shirt changes as he did when I saw him in Galway a few weeks ago. No One Can Hold a Candle to You is his version of a song by a band called Raymonde

UPDATE: I guess Morrissey wasn’t so fresh from his Irish tour after all. He had to cancel due to illness and has also had to postpone a few gigs. I hope he didn’t catch a cold from removing his shirt so often on his Irish tour or that he didn’t have the same experience in Belfast as Lloyd Cole.

No One Can Hold A Candle To You (Raymonde cover) – Morrissey

Morrissey has always been a big fan of The New York Dolls and he even wrote a book about the band before he began his own musical career with The Smiths. They formed in the city that gives them their name and were a big influence on the emerging punk scene both in New York and in England. Their look and sound also owed a huge debt to The Rolling Stones and singer David Johansen obviously learned a lot from Mick Jagger. They broke up just before punk rock took off in the late seventies, but Morrissey got the remaining members of the band to reform for the Meltdown Festival in 2004. Personality Crisis opens their first album

Personality Crisis – The New York Dolls

I first came across Lisa Hannigan’s voice when she sang on Damien Rice’s first two solo albums. She could be heard on most of the tracks and was often quite prominent on a number of them. She also toured with him and seemed quite shy on stage. That old faithful “musical differences” caused them to part ways and Lisa (pictured above) went out on her own. She has recorded an album called See Sew that has been out in Ireland for a while and is now been given a bit of a push in Britain and the USA. It’s a bit of a grower, but I’m starting to get into it with Lille being my favourite at the moment

Lille – Lisa Hannigan

Victoria Hesketh is an English singer and player of various keyboard-style instruments who goes by the name of Little Boots. She has a first-class honours degree in cultural studies from the University of Leeds. Rich Boys is her version of a song by another up-and-coming act called The Virgins

Rich Boys (The Virgins Cover) – Little Boots

Annie Lennox had a host of hit single in the 80s as part of The Eurythmics. They were hard to miss on the radio and TV back then and I liked a few of their singles. I haven’t really kept track of her solo career except for her album of covers called Medusa from which her version of Bob Marley’s Waiting in Vain is taken

Waiting in Vain (Bob Marley cover) – Annie Lennox

Asher Roth is a white rapper from Pennsylvania whose first album has just been released. It’s called Asleep in the Bread Aisle and The Lounge is a bonus track from the album

The Lounge – Asher Roth