I’m All Lost in the Supermarket


Yesterday, I was doing a bit of shopping at my local supermarket. I’m afraid that it’s not an Irish one, but it’s the one that’s nearest to where I live and, as I don’t have a car, beggars can’t be choosers. To be frank, I only come in for the special offers. I sure don’t come in for the friendly greeting and pleasant conversation from the checkout girls. That’s why I prefer to use the automatic checkouts that they installed a few years ago. The place is open 24 hours a day and I prefer to shop there later in the night as it’s not as busy

When I popped in yesterday evening it was very busy and the place was full of clashing baskets and people running all over the place. To make matters worse, all the shelfstackers picked this moment to fill up the shelves. A phenomenon that I’ve noticed recently is that these guys must be involved in some kind of a race with each other to see who can stack up the shelves in the fastest time. These guys are quite dedicated to their work and are completely oblivious to all around them. As a result, I need to be quite vigilant as they are so focused on their task in hand that they don’t seem to be aware that there are also customers milling about. So, as I ambled around yesterday evening, one of the stackers must have seen me as an obstacle to his quest. I wasn’t for too long as he decided to go right through me. I think I’ll be doing my shopping a little later the next time

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