There Is a Light That Never Goes Out

The penultimate day of The Guardian’s 1000 Song Everyone Must Hear features songs about life and death. As usual, I hadn’t heard over forty of them but, unusually for me, I was only able to track down a handful of these.

Bertie by Kate Bush is not a tribute to Ireland’s former Taoiseach, but a song for her son. It appears on her double album, Aerial. I like a lot of Ms Bush’s earlier stuff, but I’ve only given this album a few spins, so I missed out on this one. I must check it out again

Bertie – Kate Bush

Chris Difford was one half of the singing/songwriting partnership that made up that quintessentially English pop band, Squeeze. I’ve always had a preference for Glenn Tilbrook’s vocals, but I quite like Difford’s voice on this one. I always liked Squeeze’s lyrics and that’s also true of this track from The Last Temptation of Chris (2008)

Fat as a Fiddle – Chris Difford

Dress Sexy at My Funeral is a nice piece of advice from the Bill Callahan-led American band Smog. I would not be too upset if this happened at my ultimate going-away party. Unfortunately, I don’t think it would go down too well with the rest of the villagers

Dress Sexy at My Funeral – Smog

Irma Thomas was a New Orleans soul singer who never became as famous as her contemporaries such as Aretha Franklin. I like her voice and am a fan of songs like It’s Raining and Ruler of My Heart. Wish Someone Would Care was a single from 1964

Wish Someone Would Care – Irma Thomas

Apologies for posting a reggae tune for the second day running, but the weather in Ireland has been unseasonably warm and sunny. I always like to play a bit of reggae as it goes with this type of weather and reminds me of my time in Jamaica. Jamaica is also the home of The Congos and it’s from their 1977 album, Heart of the Congos

Fisherman – The Congos

1000 songs everyone must hear

Life and death: 1000 songs everyone must hear

The 34 songs that I haven’t heard from the list of 131