1000 Songs Everyone Must Hear


The Guardian has just begun a series that runs from March 14-20, 2009. It’s called 1000 Songs Everyone Must Hear and is divided into seven daily parts, beginning with songs about Love. Most of the usual suspects are present and, while I had heard most of the songs, there were about two dozen that I had to track down and listen to. I’ve included five of those below.

The Chi-Lites hailed from Chicago and are best known for their hit song, Have You Seen Her? The use of the word ‘stoned’ in song titles from the late 60s and early 70s was not uncommon. Two of the more famous examples are The Supremes’ Stoned Love and Van Morrison’s And It Stoned Me

Stoned Out of My Mind – The Chi-Lites

Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland has opened many times for Van the Man. The two recorded a duet of Morrison’s song, Tupelo Honey

I’ll Take Care of You – Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland

I had only known It Must Be Love from Madness’ hit version, which seems like one of their own songs. The Guardian’s list includes the brilliant original by Labi Siffre

It Must Be Love – Labi Siffre

Elvis Costello has so many songs and albums that it’s hard to keep track of them all. I’m in the Mood Again comes from his 2003 album, North

I’m in the Mood Again – Elvis Costello

Twinkle was a 16-year-old female singer whose song Terry was banned in 1964 by the BBC. It belongs to a tradition of songs where the singer’s boyfriend has just died in a car accident, such as another hit from 1964, Leader of the Pack by The Shangri-Las. Twinkle’s song was a favourite of Morrissey’s and it’s not too difficult to see its influence on The Smiths’  There is a Light That Never Goes Out

Terry – Twinkle

1000 songs everyone must hear

Love: part one of 1000 songs everyone must hear

The 13 songs that I haven’t heard from the Guardian.co.uk list of 139