Limerick’s Great Friday Festival 2009

2009 Good Friday Music Event

2009 Good Friday Music Event

St Patrick’s Day is always full of the festive spirit for Irish people around the world. Even people who have given up the drink for Lent make an exception on this day. Conversely, and even perversely, the beginning of the weekend that signals the end of Lent has traditionally been a “dry” day in Ireland. Good Friday kicks off the Easter weekend as one of only two days, along with Christmas Day, when pubs, off licences and everywhere else that is entitled to sell alcoholic beverages is, well, NOT entitled to sell alcohol. Recent years have seen off licenses become quite busy on Holy Thursday as revellers load up on cans and bottles.

For fans of festivals and frolicking in fields, this year sees the return of the Great Friday Festival. I’m not sure if the name of the venue will be revealed, but you’ll be able to get a bus to the Festival from Arthur’s Quay in Limerick and back again.  There are also buses running from Cork and Dublin. The cost of the ticket for this extravaganza is a paltry €30. Check out the link below for info on how to obtain tickets and to check what bands have been added to the lineup above. Please note that alcohol will not be sold at the gig, but you can bring your own. You can also check out Mary Gauthier’s I Drink and The Easybeats’ Friday on My Mind. Neither of these artists will be appearing at the gig.

I Drink

Friday on My Mind

Great Friday Festival Homepage

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